Types of Blogs

blogMaybe you’ve thought about starting a blog, but you are afraid you just won’t have enough to write about. The great thing about blogs is that they come in many different forms. You may find that a photo or video blog works best for your digital strategy. If you are considering launching a blog or want to revamp your current blog… consider the types of blogs listed below and what might work best for you.

Video Blog

  • Posting original video content to convey ideas, news, and opinions
  • Formats: reporting, testimonials, interviews, rants, confessions, etc.

Audio Blog

  • Posting original audio content to convey ideas, news, and opinions
  • Formats: reporting, testimonials, interviews, rants, confessions, etc.
  • Text summaries typically accompany audio posts

Photo Blog

  • Posting a series of original images over time to tell a story (or multiple stories)
  • Posts may or may not contain text descriptions

Live Blog

  • Blogging real-time events
  • Posting content on the fly to capture events as they occur

Insight Blog

  • Sharing original perspectives and ideas
  • Original think-pieces, essays

Brand Blog

  • Posts about brands and products sharing positive attributes
  • Thought leadership platform for company executives to communicate with stakeholders
  • Consumer brand evangelists (or vigilantes) also write brand-specific blogs

Piggyback Blog

  • Posts about hot news topics
  • Expanding upon  widely covered stories and providing your own POV

Review Blog

  • Testing and reviewing products and services
  • Providing honest, balanced opinions to guide your audience

Interview Blog

  • Conducting interviews and posting Q&As, audio, or video
  • Using transcript excerpts to formulate original blog angles

Life Blog

  • Posting real life information in a diary-like format
  • Sharing personal storylines to vent and/or create connections with real and virtual friends

Group Blog

  • Multiple authors contributing to one blog
  • Authors can either cover particular beats, or contribute to one overall topic

Guest Blog

  • Contributing an entry to a blog that isn’t yours
  • Guest posts are great for relationship building and getting a wider audience invested in a blog

Link Blog

  • Posting links to interesting or thought provoking content (e.g. articles, white papers, statistics, blog posts, videos)
  • Link blogs may  contain short blurbs to describe each link

As you read through the list you probably already came to this conclusion, but most blogs today are actually hybrids combining one or more of the preceding to create one’s own unique blogging style. So… what type of blog do you have, or what would work best for you?

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