Facebook and Your Business

facebook Facebook can be a great option for small businesses and organizations looking to connect with customers online. Facebook currently has over 200 million active users; so more than likely many of your customers are hanging out there. Facebook allows businesses to setup Pages which are very similar to personal profiles. With a Page, you can provide basic information about your business as well as connect with others on Facebook.

Customers can become ‘fans’ of your page and then anytime you share content on your page it appears in the news feed of all your fans. This is a great way to spread news, events and promotions. Also when someone becomes a fan of a page, their friends can see this. Again this is a great benefit of Facebook, because no one is alerted when someone visits your website. In addition, by making your page publicly accessible, it helps with search engine optimization.

Again, Facebook can be used for numerous purposes including:

  • asking customers questions
  • offering special promotions
  • running a contest
  • sharing interesting content
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