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About Dixon Media Group

Dixon Media Group offers custom solutions for businesses, non-profits and ministries looking to maximize the use of digital and social media to achieve their business goals. Dixon Media Group focuses on three areas of expertise: consulting, content development and training.

Dixon Media Group provides consulting services to help your organization develop a clear roadmap for how to effectively participate in the online conversation while helping you navigate the often unwritten rules of social networking. Consulting services include creating a digital strategy, website development, effective blogging, online monitoring, search engine optimization, social networks for business and more.

Dixon Media Group offers content development services to help build your online presence. We can develop a new site or maybe your current one just needs a face lift. In addition we also develop social media properties and content including blogs, Facebook Pages, YouTube channels and more.

Dixon Media Group also offers social media training for organizations. Our ultimate goal is for you to fully understand digital and social media and have the knowledge to use a variety of online tools to build relationships with consumers online.

We also want to be more than just your consultant, content developer or trainer. We want to be your digital partner. We want to build a relationship with you because relationships are what make the process enjoyable and help maximize results.

About Bill Dixon

Bill Dixon is the owner of Dixon Media Group and has extensive hands-on digital production and communications experience. Prior to forming Dixon Media Group, he worked for a global communications firm in New York City where he was responsible for helping to develop insight and strategy for clients in the realm of digital and social media.

Bill has also helped numerous small businesses develop and promote online content including websites, blogs, podcasts, rss feeds, multimedia content and more.

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